Employee Experiential

We believe that EX focuses on understanding and enhancing every touchpoint an employee has which plays a vital role in creating a positive and engaging employee experience.

Long Term Success

Sharing up-to-date HR Trends, best practices and technologies, devising sustainable solutions that build trust and loyalty to our clientele. Speak to us to hear our success stories!

Bespoke Solutions

We believe in creating value over long-term partnership through adoption of collaborative approach and flexible service offerings.

About Us

Vault Personnel Pte. Ltd. is a leading strategic Human Resource Advisory firm who assists her clients in achieving high performing workforce, building up HR capabilities, develop HR policies and frameworks and ensures compliance to local statutory guidelines and requirements.

As a firm believer of leveraging on automation for higher productivity, we specialise in improving HR processes through automation and digitalisation.


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Customer Focused

We strive to support our clients with the challenges faced relating to human capital attain HR objectives through automation

Dedication & Passion

We strive to establish long-term working relationship with our clients which is why we are fully committed to serve with dedication and passion.

Customer Focused

We assure our clients that they have our back, professional, pre and post sales.


With our team of capable and qualified consultants, we aim to transform your business by first understanding your intricate HR needs, identify what aspects need to be looked into and deploying the right strategies to implement the changes. We are fully committed to provide quality services to our clients without exception.

Bespoke Solutions

We believe that there is always room to grow. Therefore, we consistently seek to thrive and explore ways to surpass customer expectations. By staying abreast of latest technology and up-to-date industry trends, it allows us to be at the forefront of our industry in providing you with innovative solutions.

Industries Covered

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Accountancy & Finance

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Human Resource

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Sales & Marketing

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Call Centre & Customer Services

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Supply Chain & Logistics

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Information Technology

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Financial Services

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Security & Surveillance


We would like to hear about the challenges you faced in Human Capital!